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Picture or refurbished equipment at Compurex Systems
Refurbished Hardware


Saving you money by Supporting Legacy Systems

Compurex has specialized in assisting small companies, large LLCs, and the Federal Government in maintaining their and their customer’s legacy systems as well as providing the latest technology. With over 20 years of experience, Compurex can help you replace a broken part or provide you with a system that will mirror an existing system for manufacturers such as Compaq, DEC, HP, IBM, and SUN. All this while ensuring our refurbished equipment has the proper configuration to meet our client’s needs and reduce down time.

Our excellent repair facility with a live testing network guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. Products that leave Compurex have to be worthy of our name. That's why each and every Certified Pre-Owned product is rigorously tested and tested again.

IT Manufacturers contract Compurex to supply obsolete parts to their service department and customers.   We are able to duplicate legacy mission critical servers within 24 hours for Prime Contractors.

Compurex Refurbished Advantage

  • Stretch your budget by saving up to 70% by purchasing refurbished equipment
  • Increased ROI by replacing parts rather than a full system leading to a longer life cycle.
  • Our Certified Pre-Owned Guarantee. End users receive a one year warranty on all refurbished hardware.

Compurex's Unmatched Integrity

Our customers receive the highest quality products. Compurex prides itself on clearly marking which products are in refurbished or new condition on our quotes. You will never get refurbished if you requested or were quoted new.

Our Top Manufacturers


New, refurbished and obsolete Compaq parts and servers.


Refurbished and obsolete DEC parts, servers, and storage.
Compurex Authorized Resellers of Hewlett Packard (HP)


New, refurbished and obsolete HP parts, storage solutions and servers.


New, refurbished and obsolete IBM parts, storage solutions and servers.


Network switching, routing and security.


Lenovo parts, laptops, hard drives and storage.
Compurex Seagate authorized reseller


New, refurbished, and obsolete hard drives (internal and external), backup solutions, and flash drives.


Firewall, VPN, and other network security solutions.


New, refurbished and obsolete SUN parts, servers, and storage.


Symantec offers the following solutions: antivirus, anti-spyware, endpoint security, backup, and storage solutions.


Desktop and Servers virtual software solutions.
Western Digital

Western Digital

New, Refurbished, and obsolete hard drives (internal and external).