Expertly Refurbished Equipment Through Quality Assurance

A 6,000 sq ft service dept with latest test equipment. Trained and certified technicians with over 60 years of experience, including Microsoft MCSE and Compaq ASE.

Posess Alpha and Intel based test platforms, enabling Compurex to test a wide range of options and accessories including, but not limited, to central processors, memory modules, storage accessories, and legacy products.

A switched network test environment allows “live” network testing. Electronic technical documentation and record keeping available at individual testing/refurbishment areas provides efficient, accurate order processing.

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Quality Assurance

Compurex guarantees the highest-quality product because each piece of equipment is physically inspected and rigorously tested every in our state-of-the-art test facility. In fact, each product goes through a 100 point inspection process that includes quality assurance testing at three separate stages.

  1. ReceivingThe product enters the warehouse facility where it’s model number, serial number, and revision are entered into the inventory database. An inventory number is generated and attached to the item for identification. This number then follows the item throughout quality assurance process.
  2. Initial Evaluation — Each product’s cosmetics and overall condition is evaluated by service personnel.
  3. Work Order — A trained technician is then assigned to inspect the product. It is checked for missing components. Any missing items are carefully noted on the work order.
  4. Refurbishment — Based on the information listed on the work order written by the trained technichian, the product is then refurbished accordingly.

    1. Testing — Each refurbished product enters initial testing stage where functional evaluation (P.O.S.T. and any resident diagnostics) is performed. During troubleshooting, any major problems are noted.
    2. Repair — All evaluations and repairs are performed in static-sensitive work areas.

      The serial numbers and revision level of all components are recorded by the model number into our service database using our custom designed service report. The report is filed by customer name, date and customer order number.

      All electronic files are retained on in-house servers. In addition, a hard copy of all reports, including functional test printouts, are kept on site.
    3. Cleaning
      Once the initial test and repair phase is complete, the item is stripped to chassis frame. It is cleaned with dry compressed air and/or vacuum. Any cosmetic defects are repaired either in house or outsourced. Each product is carefully re-assembled and extended functional testing is performed..
    4. Quality Assurance Re-testing
      A second technician, other than the primary technician, becomes involved for quality control procedures. This QC technician evaluates the functional test results, cosmetic appearance and build quality of the final part..
    5. Packaging
      Finally the finished product is sealed in 2MIL clear plastic. When required, the accessory kit (power cord, interface cables, etc) is assembled and included. Once the service report and associated paperwork is finalized, the item is transferred to warehouse facility.