Asset Management

Our team of experts help you efficiently manage your computer equipment.

From asset evaluation to refurbishment, our customer service will meet your highest expectations.

  • Asset Evaluation and Audit — Compurex will work with your IT department to evaluate used or unwanted computer equipment to determine any potential value.
  • Asset Value Assessment — We will provide an inventory of your current equipment portfolio and work with you to address how it stacks up against your future needs and capabilities. We will also help you determine any repairs required for your old equipment.
  • Asset Remarketing — If you have saleable assets, Compurex can either purchase your equipment from you or negotiate the sale of it on consignment.

    With over 20 years experience, Compurex has the expertise to refurbish used equipment and provides a Certified Pre-owned Guarantee when we have brought the equipment back up to the manufacturer’s current specifications.

    To ensure customer satisfaction and a smooth transaction, Compurex gives you the option to sell, trade, or consign your unwanted equipment for maximum value.
  • Asset Removal — Compurex will arrange for hassle-free, worry-free removal of your equipment.

    With the experienced team at Compurex, you can rest assured that all data is erased, guaranteeing security and privacy.
  • Asset Refurbishment — With our reseller experience, we know how important manufacturer's current specs are. We can offer repairs on your equipment or offer market value pricing.

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