Asset Recovery

Need to dispose of unwanted or unused computer equipment? Compurex can help you!

Does your equipment have any value so you can sell it?  OR…  Do you have to pay someone to remove it? By selling or trading-in your old equipment, you could optimize your original return on investment. Imagine getting "cash for your trash!"

Computer equipment depreciates quickly. The longer you wait to dispose of your equipment, the less value it has. Don’t waste your time or money by putting this off - let our experts help you determine the right course of action.

  • Equipment Evaluation & Appraisal — Compurex can assess all your unwanted IT assets to see if they can be sold. With 20 years experience, we know what to look for and will provide you with their highest market value.
  • Asset Remarketing — If you have saleable assets, Compurex can either purchase your equipment from you or negotiate the sale of it on consignment.

    With over 20 years experience, Compurex has the expertise to refurbish used equipment and provides a Certified Pre-owned Guarantee when we have brought the equipment back up to the manufacturer’s current specifications.

    To ensure customer satisfaction and a smooth transaction, Compurex gives you the option to sell, trade, or consign your unwanted equipment for maximum value.
  • Asset Removal — Compurex will arrange for hassle-free, worry-free removal of your equipment. With the experienced team at Compurex, you can rest assured that all data is erased, guaranteeing security and privacy.