For two decades our "reason for being" has been to provide solutions for our customers. Serving you comes first.

Whether you need to repair your computer equipment or get rid of some of it, we offer a complete range of IT services to meet your needs. Click on any area below to see how Compurex can be at your service:

At Your Service

  • Asset Recovery — Need to dispose of unwanted or unused computer equipment? Compurex can help you!
  • Asset Management — We'll do an appraisal to see how you can optimize your ROI by getting top dollar for your old equipment. Most of the time, we’ll buy what you have to sell.
  • Repair — If it’s broke, we can fix it. For the past 20 years, Compurex has led the industry in bringing your computer equipment back up to the manufacturer's current specifications.
  • Testing — The reason we can offer our Certified Pre-owned Guarantee is because we test absolutely everything before it ships.
  • Logistics — Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure you get it when you want it, where you want it complete with blind shipping for third party deliveries where needed.
  • Rental/Leasing — When you rent or lease, you can get an affordable IT hardware solution that doesn't lock you in or tie up precious capital.