We're serious about Quality Control because our reputation is put to the test with each product leaving our facility.

With over 60 years experience, our team of technicians have certifications ranging from MCSE to Compaq.

Products that leave Compurex have to be worthy of our name. That's why each and every Certified Pre-Owned product is rigorously tested…and tested again.

Testing Matters

  • Test 1: Every product that enters our facility is put through a functional evaluation (P.O.S.T. and any resident diagnostics).
  • Test 2: A second technician, other than the primary technician, becomes involved for quality control procedures. This QC technician evaluates the functional test results, cosmetic appearance and build quality of the final part.
  • Our Certified Pre-Owned Guarantee is the Compurex difference: We offer our “Certified Pre-Owned Guarantee” with confidence because all pre-owned and used networking products are guaranteed to be in excellent working and physical condition when they leave Compurex. Our team wouldn't have it any other way.

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